Wednesday, December 4, 2013

PLN #8- Tablets at Restaurants

The article "Of course Applebee's is Going to Replace Waiters With Tablets" by Will Oremus is about how tablets have provided restaurants with a secure way to take peoples orders efficiently, and at a low cost.

The article "Of course Applebee's is Going to Replace Waiters With Tablets" by Will Oremus is very startling. The author explains how some restaurants, including Applebee's and Chili's are introducing tablets and technology into their "workforce." He explains how,  "Customers will be able to use the devices to order food, pay the bill, and ignore their dining companions by playing video games." This is  scary, to see how technology is becoming a greater part of people's daily lives. Is technology taking over? In the case of restaurants, that may be possible. Oremus explains how tablets will, "make the ordering process more efficient and cut the amount of human labor that these restaurants require." This may cause a drop in employment. This would go especially for waiters and waitresses, which are ideal jobs for teens and young adults who are just starting out. Finding a job could become even more difficult as technology takes over. It's insane that technology has gotten to the point where it will literally be able to replace people. Perhaps the most startling thing about this rise in technology is that it might even cut out interaction between people all together, like the humans in the Disney movie "Wall-E." One mentioned purpose of the tablets in the restaurants is to keep guests entertained by playing games, and "ignore their dining companions." It is instances like these that will get people so involved in technology, when they ignore the world around them, that are a hazard to human relations and interaction. This eye-opening article showed a glimpse of a frightening future where people could be so absorbed in technology, that they miss out on life, friends, and opportunities. Even though the tablets would provide cost-efficient and reliable order-taking and entertainment, their affect on the workforce and human interaction with technology could lead to a future where computers are in control.

Of Course Applebee's is Going to Replace Waiters with Tablets

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