Thursday, November 7, 2013

PLN #6
The article, "High School, Only Shorter" by Sue Shellenbarger is about how some students graduate high school in three years instead of four. Most of the article is set around the stories of two individuals who graduated early. Sue writes about what they had to do in order to accomplish an early graduation. One of the students, Luke Priebe shared how in order to get into the college of his choice, he had to complete many advanced-placement and accelerated courses. He accomplished the required courses in two years. The author then explains how Luke and other early-graduates get their credits out of the way early. She explains that they are motivated by a scholarship, which is given in some states as a bonus to students who graduate High School early. Sometimes, parents don't think their students are ready for the early college responsibility, or students will take a "gap year" to have some relaxing time before college begins. In the end, the author infers that the decision just depends on the student.

The article, "High School, Only Shorter" by Sue Shellenbarger was interesting to me because I have actually been thinking about graduating early. Because I didn't have any hours off this semester, and only will have 2 next semester, I will be getting a lot of credits for my freshman year. Because all but three of my classes are 5 days a week, I will end this semester with the maximum of 30 credit hours. In the future, once I can drive, I may even enroll in a zero hour class. If I have enough credits, I may be looking at graduating a semester early. However, I am still unsure about this decision, because I don't want to miss out on my senior year of high school. The article also mentioned how some parents thought their kids were graduating at too young of an age. This also was interesting to me, because as one of the younger students in my grade, I will be graduating at the age of 17. I wonder if this will have an affect on my college life, be it application to a college or my future social life. In addition, this article made me think about what I would do if I had a year, or semester off at the end of High school. I realized that, maybe if I just take elective courses my second semester, and maybe a math class for extra credits in that category, I may have enough time to get a fairly decent job and save up for college. If I took off an entire semester, maybe even a full time job. I'll just have to wait and see when I get to my senior year. Overall, this article really made me think about my future, and a possible early graduation.

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