Thursday, November 21, 2013

PLN #7- "Manned Mission to Largest Known Asteroid Designed"

The article "Manned Mission to Largest Known Asteroid Designed" by Charles Q. Choi is about how NASA's plan to send humans to the largest known Asteroid, Ceres, as soon as the year 2021.

The article "Manned Mission to Largest Known Asteroid Designed" by Charles Q. Choi is extremely important because it shows how human technology has advanced. There exists technology today to make human missions to other places and planets such as the dwarf planet Ceres possible. This is important because it will aid in our research on Extra Terrestrial life. The author explains this when he says, "since there is life virtually wherever there is liquid water on Earth," after claiming that large amounts of liquid water could exist under the surface of this asteroid. The article also explains why it is important that people visit these places instead of space probes and rovers. An outside source in the article, Frank Laipert,claims, " a human could be a lot more effective as a scientist on Ceres than a robotic probe." This is probably because scientists would be able to actually observe samples in their natural surroundings, and apply their knowledge then and there, as opposed to receiving sample information on a computer screen. Another important aspect of this article is when the author explains how this mission would take place. A propellant would be used to add enough thrust for the ship to get enough speed to reach Ceres. It is incredible that scientists have figured out how they will accomplish this task. Overall, the article exhibits these advances in human technology, and explains how through science, new doors are opened. 

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