Thursday, August 29, 2013

PLN #1
"A Vision of Students Today"

        "A Vision of Students Today" posted by Michael Wesch is a video that gives an inside look on college students, and what school is like for them. Two-hundred students collectively filled out a Google document on their schooling experience. In the video, they share some of the collected facts in a college class setting. The facts given in this video include statistics; some personal to each individual, and some relating to the average college student. The video also addresses the controversy about the influence over technology in the learning system. Several students share how technology is a distraction to them, by going on Facebook or spending time on unrelated work during classes. In conclusion, the video returns to the basic concept of the blackboard, providing a different perspective on the change that has occurred in the classroom.

       The video "A Vision of Students Today" posted by Michael Wesch surprised me because I didn't expect as many students to be unfocused and receive less from their schooling experience.  I was shocked at how many students weren't caught up in their schoolwork, even when putting in over 26 hours of effort to a 24 hour day. I feel that if students are spending this much time on their schoolwork, there is no reason they shouldn't be caught up in their learning. Another fact that surprised me was that the "lucky" students have around $20,000 in debt by the time they graduate. I was not expecting for the costs of college to be high enough so that students can't pay it off, along with that much debt for the "lucky" students. I am almost scared to find out how bad the debt is for the "unlucky" students. Additionally, a student in the video shares how some students don't even attend the classes that they pay for, another how he invested hundreds of dollars in a textbook he does not even use. I can't even understand why students are investing so much money in their schooling that they didn't even make use of. Another issue presented in the video I didn't understand was how the educational system would be preparing students for learning they don't use. A student in the video claimed that only 26% of her learning is relevant to life. If students are spending so much time and money on their education, I think they should get way more than 26% out of their class. This statement in the video made me wonder if the lack of learning important information is due to the teacher or due to the student's lack of interest and participation. I would doubt it was because of the student, however, because it would seem like such a waste of an investment to not give effort in classes that they pay for. The statistics in this video have clearly left me surprised about today's college level students, and I am curious to see how my future education will play out.